Pivot Six is a Digital Marketing and Branding Agency

We work with lifestyle, wellness and technology brands that effect positive change and offer products and services that make this world a healthier, better place. 

Our services help make an impact through the use of marketing, business strategy, design & content creation.

Our motto? Always be learning.

Whether it's blockchain technology or a new marketing platform, we're always on top of the latest trends and tools and love collaborating with companies on a mission to change the world.



Pivot Six is very knowledgeable about current digital media trends, resourceful, easily comprehends my brand and company messages, and is an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Diane Read, Founder of Modern Minerals Makeup
Pivot Six did a fantastic job on all facets of our website including the website design, writing the brand story, photography and creative direction.
— President of Temple Protein
spacio logo
I’ve worked with a number of experienced marketing companies and Pivot Six was the only one that took the time to understand our business like it was their own. They took the initiative and effort to fully understand our business so they can speak to our audience and customers with our voice, which is something all companies say they do but none have done it as well as Pivot Six.

Alice and Serena have complementary skill sets that empower each other, allowing them to give best-of-class advice and provide services for various aspects of their clients’ business, as if their clients had an in-house marketing team. They are professionals who set expectations properly such that they always deliver on time. They handle all aspects of Spacio’s marketing communications and fill in the expertise we lack on our team. They have outstanding business acumen, which allow us to focus on other aspects of our business where our time is best spent.
— Melissa Kwan, Cofounder of Spacio
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The inspiring women of Pivot Six are a pleasure to work with! Their positive energy combined with their efficiency, attention to detail, organization, and their wide breadth of knowledge always give me confidence that our social media content is on point. It doesn’t matter where they are located; the team is always accessible and responsive to our needs at any given time. They meet requests on short notice, and are able to help focus on key points necessary to ensure our goals are being met in a cost effective way. No matter what task is thrown at them, the Pivot Six team delivers beautifully.I am honored to work with them.
— Sherri Smith, Director of Retail Operations, NoMiNoU

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

— Alice in Wonderland