I have had the privilege to work with Alice to launch my niche beauty project’s website, email marketing strategy and other business needs as the brand evolves. She was able to easily identify and connect me with collaborative partnerships and brand development opportunities, forever caring for my business even after typical work hours. Alice possesses many qualities and skill sets that all entrepreneurs/organizations value - she is highly driven, results-oriented, strategic, detailed, and very punctual, but what separates Alice from others in the sea of talent is her character. I have yet to meet anyone as sincere and integrous in the workplace as Alice is. I would write recommendation after recommendation to showcase her sense of ethics and dedication to her professional work. If you have the opportunity to work with Alice, do not pass it up.
— Mimi Young, Founder of Ceremonie
Alice is amazing! She totally gets the business of the arts and the importance of building unique partnerships. Alice has given me the inspiration and tools for a successful future!”
— Julie-Anne Saroyan, Producer at Small Stage
Alice is just the best. I don’t even think I can say enough about how dedicated, enthusiastic, organized, innovative, and attentive she is! Also, she is so flexible with helping grow the business beyond the scope what she had initially committed to, which has been beyond appreciated. She saw what really needed to be done, and she went for it.
— Emma Smith, Founder of Zimt Chocolates
I have worked with Alice on a number of projects in the food and beauty industries. She is so strategic and laser focused on on achieving a client’s goals, both simultaneously spearheading and executing creative initiatives that net valuable results. Her ability to develop business through sales, partnerships and connections is exceptional; and she is respectful, inspiring, pragmatic, innovative, with super high standards and work ethic.
— Alicia Read, Founder of Kalosophie
I recently connected with Alice to work on a holiday collaboration of Naked Snack’s 3PM Goji Mix with Zimt Chocolates. She was responsible for working with online influencers and building strategic partnerships for Naked Snacks. Alice was accountable and effectively garnered media hits with Georgia Straight, BC Living, and other bloggers. She also initiated an exclusive retail partnership with a high-end juice company. I would highly recommend Alice to help promote your brand. She is personable, has a strong strategic mindset, and gets results.
— Neil Thomson, Founder of Naked Snacks
I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with Alice on the strategy of my company, Modern Minerals Makeup. Alice was referred to me by a friend who had previously worked with her on digital marketing campaigns. I’ve since had the pleasure of working with Alice on content creation, digital marketing and sales strategies. She is very knowledgeable on current digital media trends, resourceful, easily comprehends my brand and company message and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has also connected me with influencers in the industry which have helped drive my business forward. The most positive part of my experience with Alice was her passion and integrity. I would definitely recommend Alice to any emerging business who needs help with a business and marketing strategy.
— Diane Read, Founder of Modern Minerals Makeup
I worked with Alice over 2 years to launch lacc beauty social media from ground zero. She did a brilliant job executing the campaigns and developing the strategy. I highly recommend Alice to any position that she is pursuing.
— Farima Hakkak, Founder of lacc beauty
Alice worked with us on a short-term contract around the launch-test of a digital product. Alice is a super engaged, intelligent and committed person. The type of person who is always learning, thinking and offering value. Alice was a pleasure to have in the office and I hope for the opportunity to work with her again soon. In her short time with us, she set aggressive outreach goals, built massive lists of potential leads and executed on a strong social media outreach strategy. She was also valuable on the marketing research side of things, helping us quickly understand the landscape better and how to position ourselves.
— Steve Rio, CEO of Briteweb
Alice is extremely knowledgeable in digital strategy, and being able to learn from her has been an eye-opening experience. Alice facilitated a positive learning environment for me in which I was able to learn how to elevate Ballet BC’s digital presence. She was thorough in her lesson plans, and was accessible for any extra help once our training sessions were over. Her continual feedback and encouragement throughout my term at Ballet BC definitely made me more confident in my marketing abilities.
— Milly Tsui, Marketing Co-ordinator at Ballet BC
Alice has been an extraordinary asset to Ballet BC. While one can easily acquire and pass on technical skills, it is the business development skills that are truly difficult to teach. Alice’s innate relationship building, PR and development skills are unparalleled. Indeed, to say that any growing business would be lucky to have Alice on their development team is an understatement. Alice single-handedly grew our digital community, elevated our brand presence and went above and beyond her line of duty to support Ballet BC’s vision in every possible way.
— Branislav Henselmann, Executive Director of Ballet BC
Ballet BC developed our online presence and deepened our patron relationships due to the incredible, incomparable Alice Ko. Alice truly leverages the web as a space for activating authentic B2B and B2C relationships. In my 6 months of working with Alice, I have consistently seen her passionately seek key social media influencers and business leads for cross-promotional and sales opportunities. She is a connector, a motivator, a high-achiever, and a non-stop source of positivity and ideas. I highly recommend Alice for any digital strategy or business development opportunities.
— Amy Strilchuk, Marketing Manager at Ballet BC
I worked with Alice when she was the Digital Media Strategist for Ballet BC and found her to be dedicated, organized and analytical in her approach to social media statistics. At the time we met, Ballet BC had established a reputation for doing some interesting things in the social media space, but the ongoing challenge was successfully converting casual followers into ticket purchasers. Alice was the first person to successfully do this; and, deserves a lot of recognition for jump-starting this difficult process at the ballet company.

Alice’s strong people skills allowed her to gain access to the right team members for the right social media content. She provided Ballet BC followers shots of the dancers during rehearsals, dancers during their breaks, and dancers on their road trips. It was wonderful “insider” content of the highest quality. This content is not easy to obtain and Alice gained proper approvals for everything big and small. She never gave up on the long approval process and I admired her hard work in this area.

I would highly recommend Alice to any company looking to recruit a person who has both strong people skills and technical skills. It was a pleasure to work with her during my years at Ballet BC and I sincerely hope our paths cross again soon.
— Roger Kayo, Development Manager at Ballet BC