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Our client base consists of brands with a mission to offer products and services that make this world a healthier, better place.

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Kind Words From Clients Past + Present

The inspiring women of Pivot Six are a pleasure to work with! Their positive energy combined with their efficiency, attention to detail, organization, and their wide breadth of knowledge always give me confidence that our social media content is on point. It doesn’t matter where they are located; the team is always accessible and responsive to our needs at any given time. They meet requests on short notice, and are able to help focus on key points necessary to ensure our goals are being met in a cost effective way. No matter what task is thrown at them, the Pivot Six team delivers beautifully.I am honored to work with them.
— Sherri Smith, Director of Retail Operations, NoMiNoU
I had the privilege of working with Pivot Six to launch my niche beauty product’s website, email marketing strategy and other business needs as the brand evolved. They were able to easily identify and connect me with collaborative partnerships and brand development opportunities, forever caring for my business even after typical work hours. What separates Alice from others in the sea of talent is her character. I have yet to meet anyone with as much integrity and sincerity in the business world as Alice. I would write recommendation after recommendation to highlight her sense of ethics and dedication to her professional work.
— Mimi Young, Founder of Ceremonie
Alice is just the best. I don’t even think I can say enough about how dedicated, enthusiastic, organized, innovative and attentive she is! She has been so flexible with helping me grow my business beyond the scope that we had initially committed to, which has been beyond appreciated. She saw what really needed to be done, and she went for it.
— Emma Smith, Founder of Zimt Chocolates
I have worked with Alice on a number of projects in the food and beauty industries. She is so strategic and has a laser focus on achieving a client’s goals, both simultaneously spearheading and executing creative initiatives that net valuable results. Her ability to develop business through sales, partnerships and connections is exceptional; and she is respectful, inspiring, pragmatic, innovative, with super high standards and an impressive work ethic.
— Alicia Read, Founder of Kalosophie
I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with Pivot Six on the marketing strategy for my company, Modern Minerals Makeup. Alice was referred to me by a friend who previously worked with her on digital marketing campaigns. I’ve since had the pleasure of working with Pivot Six on content creation, digital marketing and sales strategies. Alice and her team are very knowledgeable about current digital media trends, resourceful, and an absolute pleasure to work with. They have also connected me with influencers in the industry who have helped drive my business forward. The most positive part of my experience with Alice was her passion and integrity. I would definitely recommend Alice to any emerging business who needs help with business and marketing strategy.
— Diane Read, Founder of Modern Minerals Makeup
I worked with Pivot Six over a period of two years to launch lacc beauty’s social media from ground zero. Alice did a brilliant job developing the strategy and executing the campaigns. I highly recommend Alice for any position that she is pursuing.
— Farima Hakkak, Founder of lacc beauty
Alice worked with us on a short-term contract around the launch-test of a digital product. Alice is a super engaged, intelligent and committed person. The type of person who is always learning, thinking and offering value. Alice was a pleasure to have in the office and I hope for the opportunity to work with her again soon. In her short time with us, she set aggressive outreach goals, built massive lists of potential leads and executed on a strong social media outreach strategy. She was also valuable on the marketing research side of things, helping us quickly understand the landscape better and how to position ourselves.
— Steve Rio, CEO of Briteweb
Alice has been an extraordinary asset to Ballet BC. While one can easily acquire and pass on technical skills, it is the business development skills that are truly difficult to teach. Alice’s innate relationship-building, PR and development skills are unparalleled. Indeed, to say that any growing business would be lucky to have Alice on their development team is an understatement. Alice single-handedly grew our digital community, elevated our brand presence and went above and beyond her line of duty to support Ballet BC’s vision in every possible way.
— Branislav Henselmann, Executive Director of Ballet BC