Meet Our Collaborators: Dana Lu


When working with clients, graphic designers often hear the phrase “I don’t know exactly what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.” Dana Lu’s work flips that script: when you see her work -- you’ll want it. Badly.

As a freelance graphic designer and Pivot Six collaborator, Dana specializes in designing food and product packaging, print marketing collateral, and logos. Her aesthetic is trendy, crisp and captivating.

You’ve likely come across her work in your local grocery store and not even realized it. She has worked with food brands like the uber popular Smart Sweets (healthy gummy bears!), Zimt Chocolates, Rice Works, BC Dairy, Moonbrew Tonic, Sirene Chocolate, and Donald’s Fine Foods.

And her work doesn’t just stop at food. Dana’s clientele includes the acclaimed non-profit organization imagine1Day and athleisure brand Daub + Design.

And you might want to try becoming her friend (lucky us!), because in her spare time, she makes things like hand-drawn cards, delicious sugar-free cookies, and handmade cosmetics...or as she calls it, Eye Candy.

Dana At A Glance

Specialties Include:
Printed marketing materials
Packaging design with a clean aesthetic
Food packaging design for retail shelves

Instagram: @danaludesign

Fave Breakfast Food: Egg banana pancakes

Biggest Pivot: Leaving a fun in-house graphic designer position to freelance full time. 

Mantra: It's all about balance.

Your source of motivation?
I've always been a 'creative' person, so my need to design/craft/create is built in me. I'm lucky I'm able to do what I love for a living.

Your purpose on this planet?
This is such a big question. I’m not sure I have one sole purpose but I do hope to explore as many cute towns, big cities and sunny beaches as possible.

Your greatest achievement or proudest moment?
No one thing stands out more than others, but I am really glad that my parents put me in French immersion as a child. I can still read and understand pretty fluently, but my grammar is terrible so I'm shy when it comes to speaking.

What are you listening to right now?
I just tried an audiobook for the first time last month, and now I’m listening to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

The advice you wish you received when you were young?
Eat your vegetables, they will do only great things for you.

What was your dream job as a child?
I wanted to be a cartoonist because I loved drawing. I was obsessed with felt pens -- the more the better! ‘Smelly’ felts were a fave, and I had every new kind of marker that Crayola came out with for years.

Who you’re dying to invite over for a dinner party?
My parents in their 20s/30s: they moved to (and around) North America from Taiwan with little money and no knowledge of English before they settled in Vancouver, where I grew up. Their adventures sound wild, so being able to hang out with them while they were young would be really interesting.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Feeling absolutely calm and at peace at any given moment. Accepting and being content with -- and in -- your surroundings.

What is your greatest fear or regret?
One of my greatest fears is becoming unhealthy or physically impaired. Your body is capable of so much and I hope to take as much advantage of that as possible.

How do you usually spend your days (and evenings)?
I love to start my day with a workout, but if I don't get enough sleep, I'll go later in the day. I eat the same breakfast 99% of the time: a pancake made from eggs, banana and oatmeal that is cooked in coconut oil and topped with berries. Then I walk downstairs to my home office to work and usually put on some hiphop music (or classical if I really need to concentrate).

I have no set schedule so sometimes if work/life appointments come up during the day, I'll work later into the night. Work usually flows right into the evenings. My husband is a realtor so our schedules are all over the place. I'd like to start to carve out more time to unwind in the evenings away from my computer, and with my husband.

Favorite part of what you do for a living?
Hands down the best part is the flexibility of making my own schedule. Being able to work from anywhere with a wifi connection is also really convenient and fun, and I enjoy the variety of clients.

Why do you like collaborating with Pivot Six?
Who wouldn’t like working with a group of like-minded kick ass people? Plus, some kind of delicious food is usually involved when we have team meetings, and food makes me happy.


Eating delicious food with kick ass people is the best. Thank you Dana Lu for working with us!

Connect with Dana on LinkedIn and get inspired by her Facebook and Instagram.