Top 4 Instagram Apps To Download Now

Top instagram apps

Want the perfect Instagram feed? Try these top Instagram smartphone apps to help you create a creative and successful feed. 

Why Instagram is important

Instagram has taken the world by storm and is the most important social media platform for companies and brands when it comes to consumer engagement. Why? It represents an incredible marketing opportunity because 40% of consumers respond better to visual information than plain text.

  1. Grid-It

Perfect for all iPhone users, Grid-It is an important app for “wowing” your followers. It allows you to create larger-sized images on your Instagram feed by showcasing longer landscape photos in the form of multiple photos. Grid-It splits any image into a row of three, six or nine images that make your Instagram posts truly stand out.

Here are a few examples we love:

-Popular South American chain Crepes y Waffles uses grids to showcase new flavours and make announcements pop.

Grid It instagram app

-Apparel Brand Terret Sports uses grids to present motivational quotes and pics.

Top instagram photo apps

-The Netflix TV series The OA takes grids to a whole new level by using a 12-grid structure as part of their big launch campaign.  

Grid app

Grid-It is perfect for ads and allows you to quickly capture the attention of your followers. Showing off your beautiful panoramic shots is much easier with Grid-It since you don’t need to condense the photo into the single square image. Keep in mind you’re allowed up to two free uses per day, so make those edits count! Otherwise, unlock unlimited grids for $1.39.

Grid-it is only available for iOS users right now. (Based on some research we’ve done, 9 square is similar tool for Android users.)


   2. UNUM

Making sure your visual aesthetic is consistent is probably one of the most difficult aspects of planning your feed. UNUM is a user-friendly mobile app that helps you visually plan your Instagram feed. UNUM allows you to easily drag images around until you’re happy with the overall look. The app also enables you to save captions and schedule your posts ahead of time, allowing for better management of your content. Once it comes time to post, UNUM will send you a reminder through a push notification to your phone, which is perfect for ensuring that you post at the optimal time! The best part? It’s completely free!  

Photo Credit: UNUM

Photo Credit: UNUM

3. Google Keep

Where would we be without Google? Constantly creating free apps that are absolutely essential (ahem, Gmail and Google Drive), Google has become a daily staple in most of our lives. Google Documents and Google Photos are among the most popular Google apps, but the lesser-known Google Keep is a hidden gem -- and frankly, it’s just what we need for Instagram planning!

Google Keep is great for creating notes and writing lists, but more importantly, you can seamlessly sync Google Keep across all your devices (and across multiple users who have any sort of Google account, if you’ve shared the note with them). You can easily save different hashtags and label them by company or photo type, and Google Keep lets you “pin” notes to the top of the app’s screen so you can keep the most important ones at the forefront and ready to go! You’ll be sending gratitude prayers to Google Keep every day as it helps you and your Instagram feeds stay organized.

Photo Credit: Google Keep

Photo Credit: Google Keep

4. Vue

We all know that Videos are a standout method for gaining traction for your Instagram feed. Available for both iPhone and Android users, Vue is a free app that makes it easy to create high- quality cinematic videos.

The app comes with tons of useful features to help you edit the simple video you took on your phone. Capture a moment or create a video to showcase your brand. Once you’ve uploaded a video to Vue, you can add a filter, speed up or slow down your video, and even add your choice of music.

Vue does a great job at ensuring you have fun while creating your stunning videos (you’ll become just as obsessed as we are!) There's a whole community that loves Vue, so definitely check out some app capabilities by looking up the #madewithVUE hashtag.

Photo Credit: Vue

Photo Credit: Vue

Our last and best tip for creating a perfect Instagram feed is to make sure you’re having fun and consistently evolving your process. Always experiment and explore to see what engages your followers the most. Remember, trends are always changing and so should all of your social media feeds!